I Promise

Here is a very simple poem I wrote a very long time ago.

I Promise

I promise not to freak out when you least expect it,
I promise not to invade your privacy as such.
I promise not to come over unless you meant it,
When you invited me, which doesn’t happen much.

I promise to try to be saner
For both our sakes.
As this world becomes insaner,
We are bound to make mistakes.

I promise to do whatever pleases you
Whenever I can
And you haven’t a clue
The limits that love imposes on man…

I promise to be there
A smile, my open arms
Giving you care
With no hesitation, no qualms.

I promise to try, be a better individual
For your sake and mine
Fidelity, sincerity, no longer virtual
Ever-present integrity as our lives intertwine.

This promise, clearly, shall always prevail
For if ever broken, our love shall fail.

Copyright © 1999 A.C.S.


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