The Cry of a Dove

Dove Clipart-page0001-001
The Cry of a Dove

Why did you have to leave, my love?
Why did you have to go away?
Leaving me lonely, as a white dove
Amidst the bleakness and gloominess of grey.

Thine was my heart, for over two years
Now, us, apart, my eyes filled with tears,
A salt lake has formed, with a monster inside
Devouring all hope—an unforgettable ride.

An enormous mushroom cloud appears overhead
Not a single ray of sunshine makes its way through the bed
Of darkness, despair and misery that reigns
Supremely and powerfully, unwaveringly it maims.

If one glimmer of hope from you I could find,
As a hungry hawk I’d snatch that hope in my claws
And never let go, for I’d know in my mind
That your heart you shall follow, not reason, its laws.

So please, my love, don’t choose to ignore
The cry of a dove, so desperate and true
Whose life is in your hands, for its heart belongs to you
Then, now, sincerely forever more.

Copyright © 1999 A.C.S.


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