Till Hate Do Us Part

Candle Burning at Both Ends-page0001-001

The words “I love you”
Can say so much,
And yet so little.
How weak in wisdom!
How shallow in strength!
How meaningless in depth!
For love is only as powerful
As the man who proclaims it
Nurtured, it grows
Neglected, it withers and dies

“Till death do us part”–
A supposed promise for life
I beg to differ
Through love comes pain
Through pain regret
Regret leads to bitterness
Bitterness to anger
And anger fosters the most powerful feeling of all

From me to you;
Through you to me.
Your piercing blue eyes staring deeply into mine
Mine staring back penetrating your soul
Candles burning at both ends
Angels singing the holy song all around us.
Only one more phrase standing between
The joining of these two souls in holy matrimony,
“Till hate do us part.”

Copyright © 2000 A.C.S.


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