Between Friends


Between Friends

White shackles oppressing
Constraining, surrounding, constricting
When will they be lifted
High up into the blue, blown away?
Heavy burdens to bear
Not without consequences and the guilt attached,
From dark corners emerges
The black ugly crow, crying into the night
The screech penetrating all depths, into the tombs
Heart-stopping even the green cold blood.
Breeding lust, carnal pleasures
Repeatedly, over and over, only wanting more
Without hesitation, it soars to self-destruction
Without a care, no strings attached
Empty, hollow vessel with the wind passing through it
In and out slithers the red and black dragon
With bright golden eyes
The whole outside world disappears
Cold freezing air creeps in
Through the cracked window
Lights down, and the night ahead
Belongs only to them
Sinful pleasures
Memories fading
Flesh on flesh, the bodies contort together,
Enjoying the dance
Of the flesh
Becoming one
To forget? Perhaps
To experience for the first time, forever
True lascivious gratification
For its sake alone.
Love? Non-existent.
Souls? Nonsense.
Emotions? Never again.
For what is left
When true love, the world, is lost,
But these two bodies
Hedonistically attached
Expressing the only reality left–
Love was but an illusion
Forever gone, life is meaningless.

So what’s a little sharing
Between friends?

Copyright © 2000 A.C.S.


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