Sun Peering Through Back Yard

Love travels with the wind
You get a whiff, a touch of it—
It’s intoxicating
You want more and more
And the wind brings you full
Inebriated with this magical
Forbidden air
And when you are so
Saturated with
this unspoken forbidden fruit—
It leaves
Gone into the unknown realm.

The wind stops
No creature stirs
Stillness enveloping the air
And silence reigns supremely.
Twilight zone
Came and left
Without a trace
Where are you now, love?
Or whatever you professed to be?
You’ve got me so hooked on you
Intoxicated without hope
And then poof!—no more
Withdrawal symptoms
In the stillness of the night
No tears can erase the memory
And the feeling that won’t go away.
Goodbye seems wasted and useless
For there is no saying farewell
To this powerful gripping feeling
That forever remains
Lingering like the smell of roses in a rose garden

Darkness, tears, friends, the giant ball of light
Nothing can make this feeling escape.
Forever engrained.
Forever intoxicated.

Copyright © 2001 A.C.S.


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