The Unattainable


The Unattainable

Red roses turned black;
Lead-like leaves falling hurriedly to the ground—
A still life for the dark-humoured sarcastic painter.

“ ‘Your every wish will be done’, they tell me”
What fairy-tailed idealistic cruel and deceptive people are they!

Yet her optimistic verve keeps her hoping
And thinking that someday she might find
The man of her dreams; and thus
The search continues for her knight in shining armor
Her rescuer—the one to undo all the wrongs and make everything right

What better way to waste a life
Than searching for the ultimate unattainable?

Copyright © 2001 A.C.S.


3 thoughts on “The Unattainable

  1. This is a great poem! 🙂 Nobody should wait for something that does exist like some knight in shining armour. Sometimes it is up to ourselves to make things right.

  2. @ fairytaleepidemic – Lol! That’s so true!
    @ thenderyscribe – You’re absolutely right. It most certainly is up to each of us to take action accordingly and enact a better future for ourselves.

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