I’m back to Blogging – poem “Done”

Hi everyone! After a break from blogging for over 8 months, I am back! I’ve just been busy with life and just haven’t found time to blog. So, now that I am back, I thought I would start out with a poem I wrote almost a year ago. Enjoy!



Thunder calls
Mid-December anomaly
The calm before the storm
just a few moments prior
When all was bright, gorgeous, brilliant
An enveloping all-consuming light
Without shadow

But now
Darkness enshrouds all light
and hope
Four o’clock with nowhere to go
No one to turn to

Screaming matches
Insults hurled
The light flickers for a mere moment
Only to fade into a slow astounding yet definitive
Hatred and anger unresolved
New sinking depths of conflicts unspoken
Not one word of compassion, understanding or affection uttered
Destruction of all great things
Destruction of feeling, of comfort, of friendship, of love, of life
Nothing can exist in hatred so powerful, so palpable

Life and love transform into the ugliest most despicable monster of all
The devil himself could not dare compete with this
vapid emptiness of nullity

He is done
I am done
We are done
Life as we know it is done
Forever banish the word “forever”, for it never worked for us
Forever apart
Never to return again
Done forever.

Copyright © 2012 A.C.G.


4 thoughts on “I’m back to Blogging – poem “Done”

    1. Thank you very much, Pete. Yes, things are a whole lot better than they were when I wrote this poem. Nice to read your posts again, too!

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