My sweetheart

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My sweetheart
So full of life, vivacity, spirit
Even at your quite advanced age
You bring an unparalleled delight into my life
My confidante
My companion
My nonjudgmental happy-go-lucky
always-happy-to-see-me cutie
My best friend
My shadow

Yet your big wise sad brown eyes
Betray untold stories of suffering, neglect, abuse
Perhaps even some awful altercations both inter- and intraspecies
Which would explain a few things about your behavior now

But your steadfast loyalty
Your utter true devotion
Your protectiveness and caring
Your sweet kindness, love, affection
Your smile
Your sighs of contentment and restful relaxation
Your high jumps and squeals of joy
Your willingness to learn and to listen (at least when you feel like it)
Your ability to read me like an open book and be in sync with me every single second of every single day
Your seemingly omniscient capabilities
Your patience, compassion, and understanding
All your uniquely wonderful qualities make it easy to forget
What appalling things may have happened to you before I knew you

You chose me as your human companion
Inseparable we were henceforth since that fateful day
When I was introduced to the “painfully shy and very calm” Desi
Ha ha ha, how they fooled me!
Yet you recognized in me precisely what I envisioned in you
We completed each other in a way no one else could
Foster you? Yeah, right! You knew instantly
This was no temporary situation
Your forever home was located—even if I didn’t know it at the time
And so was mine

And thus we go through life together as a team, a unit
With each passing season your sapience intensifies
Your brick orange fur camouflages you well against the
Melange of lemon yellow, dark brown, fire red and burnt orange autumn leaves
But not so much against the perfect winter snow—which you love to dip your snout into
You frolic, run amok, jump joyously, speaking interminable wisdoms as you kick up vestiges of fall
Your carefree attitude intoxicating and liberating
Thank you for showing me the sheer pleasures in life
With every step and every action you remind me
What existence is all about

You are everything I would ever desire in a comrade
Loyal, kind, giving, caring, generous, loving
Fierce and unforgiving when the situation warrants
Yet gentle with me and those I love, always
You listen, you care, you protect, you speak when needed and are quiet when not
You love openly, consistently, unconditionally
You are and always will be
My original sweetheart

Copyright © 2013 A.C.G.


7 thoughts on “My sweetheart

  1. Nothing compares to the unquestioning love that you get from a dog. It is said that owning a ‘good’ dog reduces blood pressure, aids longevity, and mellows your character. Is it any wonder?
    Desi also has great ears!
    Regards from England, Pete.

    1. You are definitely right about the health benefits of having a canine companion. Thanks for noticing Desi’s ears! They are without a doubt her most prominent feature 🙂 Thanks for reading my posts and for your lovely comments. All the best to you, Andreea

  2. This is really beautiful while showing how grateful you are for having her in your life. It’s nice to hear that you were able to make her life better and that she’s made yours better too. Dogs really are special and they do complete us while bringing such happiness. They’re so full of joy that we can’t help but feel that joy when they run and jump and play and act crazy.

    1. Thank you so much for reading my blog and for leaving such kind words. I am very fortunate to have my dog and she definitely keeps me active even on what would otherwise be some lazy days. I always tell my friends that if they want to be more active and get into shape without going to the gym, the solution is easy: Get a dog, if you can afford and care for one properly!

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