May 29th, 2014


One year ago today you passed
Over the proverbial rainbow bridge
Pain ceased forever
Intellectually we know
You are in a far better place
And we are happy you have found solace and peace
Yet we still miss you dearly
Thinking of you daily
Half-expecting to wake up and
Hear your melodious purr
And the traipse of your tiny polydactyl paws
Feel your super soft fur under our palms
See your blue eyes looking up imploring “feed me” with a mimed meow
You stole our hearts with your loving sweet ways
As you managed to teach us much patience, kindness, understanding, caring, selflessness
We are far better for having known you
Our furry feline friend.
We love you always. 

RIP Corky   
Copyright © 2013 A.C.G.

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