French Poem – Onze Septembre

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Onze Septembre, notre planète s’arrête
Le soleil pleut, les rivières courent rouge foncé
Seulement pendant ce matin tout est silent
au capitale du Monde
La vérité mélange avec le surréel
Rien n’est plus sûr.
Rien n’est plus.

Pendant ces moments affreux,
Notre cœurs se sont ouverts
Aux homes et femmes innocents
Et notre héros courageux
Qui sont morts pour leur compatriotes.

Avec cœurs endourcis et bon courage
Les États Unis luttent, se revoltent et se vengent
Contre ces animaux froids
Qui ont attaqué nos valeurs, notre fierté et l’essence de cette belle patrie.

Vous avez gagnez cette bataille, putins misérables!
Mais, jamais triompherez-vous dans cette guerre
Périssez, imbéciles!
Adieu pour toujours.

Copyright © 2001 A.C.S.

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French Poem – Le Silence

I apologize in advance to all non-French-speaking readers. I wrote these next 2 poems in French in 2001, and, although I thought about translating them into English, they didn’t seem to have quite the same impact as I had intended. Therefore, I will post these as they were originally written, quickly followed by continuing to post my English language poems.  Please check back later tonight for another poem in English.

Perhaps noteworthy is the fact that French is my fourth language (following Romanian, German, and English). I received my Bachelor’s degree in French and consequently my thinking tended to appropriately drift into French at times.

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Le Silence

Le silence vient par la nuit
Echappant toutes les orifices
Explosant comme un feu d’artifice
Pour le sourd—on l’englouti—l’ennui

Rien ne bouge, immobile
Corps d’une traihison secrète
Tout s’agite, effervesce—une tempête
Cachée, enterrée, inutile.

Dans la démi-lumière on aperçoit
Le mélange des esprits informes
Ils tournent, detournent, s’enforçant parfois
Dans le coeur, la chair—une invasion enorme.

Le train s’approche urgent et gallopant
Les freines grincent et crient
Tout est tranquille, hésitant
Ecreusant les oreilles, le silence toujours ici.

Copyright © 2001 A.C.S.


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Unfortunately life consists of
Nothing but memories
Memories that plague, plunder
and victoriously cripple.
Suspending past
immaculate in the present.
And without a doubt their powerful aura
Blinds, excruciatingly shining
A bright ball in an
otherwise darkened senseless sky.

Thus life goes on
Past is but a shadow of memories faded
Extinguished so-called eternal flame
Embers turned to coal.

Copyright © 2001 A.C.S.


Sun Peering Through Back Yard

Love travels with the wind
You get a whiff, a touch of it—
It’s intoxicating
You want more and more
And the wind brings you full
Inebriated with this magical
Forbidden air
And when you are so
Saturated with
this unspoken forbidden fruit—
It leaves
Gone into the unknown realm.

The wind stops
No creature stirs
Stillness enveloping the air
And silence reigns supremely.
Twilight zone
Came and left
Without a trace
Where are you now, love?
Or whatever you professed to be?
You’ve got me so hooked on you
Intoxicated without hope
And then poof!—no more
Withdrawal symptoms
In the stillness of the night
No tears can erase the memory
And the feeling that won’t go away.
Goodbye seems wasted and useless
For there is no saying farewell
To this powerful gripping feeling
That forever remains
Lingering like the smell of roses in a rose garden

Darkness, tears, friends, the giant ball of light
Nothing can make this feeling escape.
Forever engrained.
Forever intoxicated.

Copyright © 2001 A.C.S.

The Unattainable


The Unattainable

Red roses turned black;
Lead-like leaves falling hurriedly to the ground—
A still life for the dark-humoured sarcastic painter.

“ ‘Your every wish will be done’, they tell me”
What fairy-tailed idealistic cruel and deceptive people are they!

Yet her optimistic verve keeps her hoping
And thinking that someday she might find
The man of her dreams; and thus
The search continues for her knight in shining armor
Her rescuer—the one to undo all the wrongs and make everything right

What better way to waste a life
Than searching for the ultimate unattainable?

Copyright © 2001 A.C.S.

Between Friends


Between Friends

White shackles oppressing
Constraining, surrounding, constricting
When will they be lifted
High up into the blue, blown away?
Heavy burdens to bear
Not without consequences and the guilt attached,
From dark corners emerges
The black ugly crow, crying into the night
The screech penetrating all depths, into the tombs
Heart-stopping even the green cold blood.
Breeding lust, carnal pleasures
Repeatedly, over and over, only wanting more
Without hesitation, it soars to self-destruction
Without a care, no strings attached
Empty, hollow vessel with the wind passing through it
In and out slithers the red and black dragon
With bright golden eyes
The whole outside world disappears
Cold freezing air creeps in
Through the cracked window
Lights down, and the night ahead
Belongs only to them
Sinful pleasures
Memories fading
Flesh on flesh, the bodies contort together,
Enjoying the dance
Of the flesh
Becoming one
To forget? Perhaps
To experience for the first time, forever
True lascivious gratification
For its sake alone.
Love? Non-existent.
Souls? Nonsense.
Emotions? Never again.
For what is left
When true love, the world, is lost,
But these two bodies
Hedonistically attached
Expressing the only reality left–
Love was but an illusion
Forever gone, life is meaningless.

So what’s a little sharing
Between friends?

Copyright © 2000 A.C.S.

Till Hate Do Us Part

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The words “I love you”
Can say so much,
And yet so little.
How weak in wisdom!
How shallow in strength!
How meaningless in depth!
For love is only as powerful
As the man who proclaims it
Nurtured, it grows
Neglected, it withers and dies

“Till death do us part”–
A supposed promise for life
I beg to differ
Through love comes pain
Through pain regret
Regret leads to bitterness
Bitterness to anger
And anger fosters the most powerful feeling of all

From me to you;
Through you to me.
Your piercing blue eyes staring deeply into mine
Mine staring back penetrating your soul
Candles burning at both ends
Angels singing the holy song all around us.
Only one more phrase standing between
The joining of these two souls in holy matrimony,
“Till hate do us part.”

Copyright © 2000 A.C.S.